Packaging machines for corrosive products

At Dositec we manufacture rotary packaging machines specially designed for the chemical
products sector, specifically we have a range of packaging machines for corrosive products
of proven efficacy, long useful life and with a superior construction quality, using materials
resistant to corrosives and the latest technology.

Rotary Monoblock filling and capping machines, designed to be able to fill any type of product and containers from 50ml to 20 L., suitable for liquid, dense, semi-dense, foaming, flammable and corrosive.

Suitable for the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The filling station has different dosing technologies in function of the product to be filled: Magnetic or mass flowmeters, pistons dispensers and level control.
The filling nozzles can be manufactured with different technologies depending on the product to be filled, submerged nozzle for products highly foaming and laminar flow nozzle without introduction into the packaging for very dense and food products to avoid contact with them. 

Available from 6 to 40 nozzles. The capping station has magnetic clutches with torque regulation of torque and also available from 3 to 14 capping heads.

Variable production according to the number of nozzles from 20 u / m to 300 u / m



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