Packaging machines for corrosive products

But before we start talking about our packaging machines for corrosive products, let’s start by indicating what is meant by “corrosive products” and identifying them.

A corrosive substance is one that can destroy or irreversibly damage another surface or substance with which it comes into contact.

In our sector we will refer to corrosive liquids (which is what our machines pack), and we are talking about all kinds of strong acids such as sulfuric, nitric, formic, acetic and chromic, among others.

linear packages

Types of Corrosive Liquid Packaging Machines

There are different types of machines for packaging corrosive products, and they are classified, in general, according to their structure, the way they work, the product and the amount of it to be packaged, the type of container material and of its capacity, etc.

In general, we distinguish between automatic packaging machines (which can be linear, rotary and alternative), semi-automatic packaging machines (which can only be linear) and manual packaging machines (which can only be linear).

The linear and rotary packaging machines are designed to be able to fill any type of product and containers from 50ml to 20 L, suitable for liquid, dense, semi-dense, foaming, flammable, and corrosive products.

The alternative packaging machines are designed for the filling and capping of small and medium capacity containers, ideal for very small containers with reduced necks, oblique mouth containers, semi-cylindrical or irregular containers, cans, oblique neck bottles or small promotional containers for small volumes.

Dositec – manufacturers of packaging machines for corrosive products

At Dositec we are specialized in the manufacture of packaging machines for corrosive liquid products, both in their automatic and semi-automatic format.

Our machines for packaging corrosive liquids are specially designed for the chemical products sector, although they are also perfect for packaging any other type of product from different sectors (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic…).

We have a range of proven, long life and superior build quality packaging machines for corrosive products, using the latest technology and corrosive resistant materials.

We refer to materials such as titanium, hastelloy, aerospace grade aluminum, carbon fiber, and other composites as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) CARBON FIBER REINFORCED PLASTIC.

Does your company need a packaging machine for corrosive products and do you want the best option?

The needs of your project may be several: increase production, increase precision in the filling process to reduce product and time waste, improve process safety, etc.

At Dositec we have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of machinery for corrosive products, and we can
comprehensively manage your entire packaging line if you wish.

We offer you real solutions to your project, we adapt to your true needs, and we will advise you thanks to our experience and our technical team of specialists.