Hydroalcoholic packaging machines

At Dositec we are specialized in the design and manufacture of packaging machines for
hydroalcoholic gel in all its variants from pocket formats to industrial formats of 20 and 25
liters, the packaging of hydroalcoholic gel as well as other variants of the same such as
spray, creams and others that They have a peculiarity to pack them and we are experts.

Linear filling machines, designed to be able to fill any type of product and containers from 50ml to 20 L., suitable for products liquid, dense, semi-dense, foaming, flammable, and corrosive. Suitable for the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

The filling station has different dosing technologies in function of the product to be filled: Magnetic or mass flowmeters and dosing pistons.

The filling nozzles can be manufactured with different technologies depending on the product to be filled, submerged nozzle for products highly foaming and laminar flow nozzle without  introduction inside of the container for very dense and food products, to avoid the contact with them, available from 1 to 10 nozzles with single station machine and 8 to 16 nozzles with double machine station.

Variable production according to the number of nozzles from 5 u / m to 100 u / m.



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