Industrial labeling machines

In general, industrial labeling machines are used for the labeling of multiple products from different sectors (chemical, food, electronic, etc.) with different objectives: avoid counterfeiting, bar code marking, provide information, etc.

Within these most common industrial labeling machines we can find a great variety such as automatic, semi-automatic, manual, flat, circumference, automatic gluing, hot melt labeling machines, etc.

There are also other types of classification criteria for these industrial labeling equipment, referring for example to bottle labellers, wrapping paper labellers, labellers for cylindrical carafes, etc.

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Dositec, specialists in the manufacture of labeling machines for the industrial sector

Dositec is a company with more than 20 years of experience both in the design and manufacture of labeling machines for containers in our production plant in Rafelbunyol (Valencia).

Our specialty is the manufacture of small size rotary automatic labeling machines designed for the labeling of containers for products in the chemical sector, the food sector, the cosmetic sector and the pharmaceutical sector.

Our automatic container labeling equipment is highly versatile as it can be used with different formats and sizes of products (both cylindrical and irregularly shaped containers) and with different materials (glass, plastic, metal …).

We especially highlight our compact rotary machines for labeling containers with wrapping paper labels by applying Hot-Melt hot glue.

Automatic labeling machines

This type of labeling equipment can be known by different terms such as labeling machines, labeling machines, labeling systems or labellers, or simply labellers.

These machines can be automatic labeling machines, which are characterized by an efficient relationship between costs and quality; semi-automatic labeling machines, which typically represent the most practical and economical labeling equipment for applying one or two labels on packages; and manuals.

Dositec automatic labeling machines are the most common used to solve identification, marking and labeling problems of all types of products, belonging to the sectors that we have previously indicated, and that need to be labelled for some reason.

Our industrial labeling machines are characterized by having great flexibility since they allow the possibility of being customized according to the needs of companies.

Dositec, we provide solutions to your project if you need an automatic container labeling machine

Does your company need an automatic labeling machine for the packaging of your products and do you want the best option?

At Dositec we work to offer you real solutions to your project, we adapt by always adjusting to your production needs, and we will advise you thanks to our experience and our technical team of specialists.

Enter our YouTube channel and you will see some of our models of container labeling machines (Hot Melt with 6, 7 and 10 heads).

We help you find the labeling machine that best suits your production by contacting our commercial and technical team. We advise you.

With Dositec’s container labeling equipment, you will be able to place the labels you need on the containers of your products, turning the labeling process into an easy, clean job without any setbacks.