Hydroalcoholic gel packaging for covid19

Covid19 has forced us to change the way we had to interact in the different environments in which we move (family, friends, work, shopping …) seeking to protect ourselves.

And although we have reduced social contact, the risk of contagion of this disease is real and, therefore, hydroalcoholic gels have become essential products for all of us on a daily basis.

Hydroalcoholic product packaging machines

In this context, the demand for packaging companies seeking manufacturers of packaging machines to be able to pack and satisfy, in turn, the high demand for this type of hydroalcoholic products has increased.

The companies that are dedicated to the manufacture and design of packaging machinery have been forced to satisfy, in record time, a much greater demand from our customers who are dedicated to the packaging of hydrogels.

envasadoras lineales

Dositec – specialists in the manufacture of packaging machines

At Dositec we are specialized in the manufacture of packaging machines for liquid products, including hydroalcoholic gels, in all its variants, working both in pocket format and industrial formats of 20 and 25 liters.

We apply great effort to develop compatible packaging machines for various formats, achieving ideal machines for diversified medium and small productions.

But we are not only specialists in packaging machinery for hydroalcoholic gels, but also in other variants of products of this type such as sprays, creams and other variants that have a peculiarity to be able to package them.

And we do not forget to comment that our design guidelines, aided by advanced 3D development programs, have as their main objective the commercialization of totally safe machines.

Technical service for packaging machines

And we are not only manufacturers of packaging machines, but our after-sales department is characterized by the attention and permanent advice offering the new personalized adaptations to the containers that the market demands of our clients.

Whatever your project, tell us and we will give you a solution. Linear filling machines, suitable for liquid products, but also for dense, semi-dense, foaming, flammable, and corrosive products.

Our packaging machines are suitable for the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

You can consult our entire range of hydroalcoholic product packaging machines in our catalogue.