Goods palletization systems

palletizing systems

We will start this post by explaining what is meant by palletizing and what are the different systems for palletizing goods that exist today.

According to Wikipedia “palletizing or palletizing is the action and effect (I add that it is really a system) of arranging merchandise on a pallet for storage and transport.” And this definition is completed by saying that it is the most established system in logistics.

The reasons why companies implement palletizing systems for their goods are obvious, seeking to achieve the advantages provided by these systems:

– Uniformity and ease in handling the goods, thus saving space in the warehouse.

– The time of loading, unloading and handling of the goods is profitable, thus increasing the productivity of the operators by reducing their time in merely operational activities.

– By promoting the automation of logistics, with more use of specialized machines and reducing manual handling, damage to the merchandise is reduced.

– Facilitate inventory control by simplifying unit counting

Therefore, and as a summary, we will say that the importance of implementing a goods palletizing system is very high within a company, since it allows reducing costs and times in logistics processes, thus increasing profitability.


Types of goods palletizing systems

We can talk about the existence of three general types of goods palletizing systems:

  1. Conventional palletizing: it is the palletizing system normally used when working with goods that are individually very numerous or bulky. In general, it is unwieldy merchandise, so its handling and transport involves a lot of time and work. This system is based on the idea of ​​converting the set of goods into a single handling unit, allowing them to be stacked to achieve greater storage capacity at height.
  1. Palletizing racks: this is the recommended palletizing system when the goods to be palletized are very heavy and conventional stacking is not feasible. Hence, in many warehouses pallet racks are used, which is the ideal system to store pallets mechanically, for example, with forklifts.

But in addition to these conventional pallet racking, there are other models of racks such as dynamic racks, compact racks, and Push-back racks, but we will talk about these three models in another post.

  1. Clad-rack warehouses: they are the solution for storing large quantities of merchandise with high storage heights. They are called self-supporting because these racks are the ones that, on the one hand, support the structure that forms the warehouse (roof and facilities) and, on the other, fulfill the function of storage racks.


Dositec, specialists in goods palletizing systems

Dositec is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery and robotic palletizing systems for goods in our production plant located in Rafelbunyol (Valencia).

When we talk about our palletizing systems, we refer to the integration of robotic palletizing systems with mechanical drag knee pads for boxes, pallet transport as well as depalletizing and shrinking of pallets.

We can show you more details of our robotic palletizing systems by accessing this specific route on our YouTube channel:


Dositec, we provide solutions to your goods palletizing project

Do you need to implement a system in your warehouse to palletize the goods and do you want the best option?

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