Container Packing Machines

A container packing machine is one that is designed to place the container (with its product inside) inside a box, making it finally closed.

In addition, and depending on the product to be handled, these machines use mechanical or pneumatic vacuum gripping devices.

These packing machines are used for packing containers of different types (bottles, carafes, cans, cases …) and materials (plastic, glass, aluminized film …) that contain any type of product (both liquid and solid) inside. .

We can find a variety of industrial packing machines, the most common being the automatic packing machines.

Dositec, specialists in the manufacture of automatic packing machines

Dositec is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machines for packaging in our production plant in Rafelbunyol (Valencia).

Our specialty is the manufacture of automatic packing machines designed for the packing of containers of products in the chemical sector, the food sector, the cosmetic sector and the pharmaceutical sector.

Following our policy, Dositec packing machines are designed with the most advanced technology, being able to offer you the best solutions required in the current market.

Dosipack, type B1 and Wrap Around case packers

The “Dosipack” packers are an appropriate complement for own productions of multi-format packaging machines even higher than 8000 containers / hour.

In addition, they are the perfect solution for the fitting of cylindrical and irregular containers, jugs with a handle, cans or with an oblique neck.

All our “Dosipack” packing machines are of the B1 and Wrap Around type, being machines for packing containers in a high-performance continuous forming train.

The envelope for the containers are sheets of preformed cardboard accumulated vertically in a lung. These will be shaped with the content inside and glued with Hot-melt hot glue.

The approximate production for continuous packers can exceed 1,200 boxes per hour.

We can show you more details of our packing machines by accessing this specific route on our YouTube channel:

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Dositec, we provide solutions to your packaging project

Do you need an automatic boxing machine for the packaging of your products and do you want the best option?

Food, beverages, dairy products, bleach, detergents, pharmaceutical industry, personal care … at Dositec we work to offer you real solutions to your project, we adapt by always adjusting to your productive needs.

Our commercial and technical team will guide you according to the dimensions of the boxes, containers and type of production that you wish to carry out. We will tell you which of our machines is the most suitable and efficient in your work environment.

Efficiency in the process, flexibility in adapting to any need and an unbeatable after-sales service guarantee our solutions.

Contact Dositec now and start improving your company’s production and costs.