Dositec’s technical department has extensive experience offering solutions for corking, labeling and nesting of containers.


DOSITEC is a company specialized in the construction of machinery for the packaging of liquid products whose commercial framework extends in the international sphere.


Our design guidelines, aided by advanced 3D development programs, have as their main objective the commercialization of safe machines.

Dositec makes a great effort to develop compatible machines for various formats, providing the means and systems that optimize this adaptation, achieving ideal machines for diversified medium and small productions, ideal for industries in the drugstore, cosmetic, chemical or agri-food sector.

The versatility of Dositec machines is based on the simplicity of the systems that allow them to easily adapt to the continuous evolution and innovation imposed by the current packaging market.

Our after-sales department is characterized by the attention and permanent advice offering the new personalized adaptations to the containers that the market demands of our clients.

Latest generation elastomers such as Perlast or high durability steels such as Hastelloy are construction materials that have allowed us to provide solutions for the processing of critical or foaming products, preserving the good use and appearance of the machines manufactured by Dositec over time.