Capping machines for industry

Capping machines, threading machines, cap screwing machines, capping machines or cap mounting machines are different ways of being able to refer to the same type of machine with one function: that the container is capped.

Dositec is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of capping machines in our production plant in Rafelbunyol (Valencia).

We design and manufacture threading or capping machines that adapt to containers of different formats and for different formats of caps made of different materials (plastic, aluminum, for blisters, “leg spike”, etc.) and of different dimensions.

Our cap screwing machines or capping machines are therefore very versatile, adopting different formats that generally depend on the type of cap used and the amount of automation that our client needs.

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Dositec, specialists in the manufacture of capping machines for the industrial sector

At Dositec we are specialized in the manufacture of capping machines for the industrial sector, specially designed to provide different capping options for the industrial chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food product sectors.

We design and manufacture capping machines in its different variants:

Linear capping machines

Our linear capping machines are compact and perfect for small and medium-sized companies, since they fit in tight spaces, being perfect to be located in narrow and elongated places, and are suitable for vertical neck containers with screw or pressure caps or triggers.

In addition, they are ideal to complement the packaging machines that we manufacture at Dositec.

Rotary capping machines

Our rotary capping machines are compact, fast and recommended for large volumes of work. With reduced space, they are suitable for vertical neck containers with a screw or pressure cap.

In addition, they are ideal to complement the packaging machines that we manufacture at Dositec.

Alternative capping machines

Of our alternative capping machines, we highlight the simplicity of design of these alternative threading machines, making this device a truly useful and competitive product that facilitates the capping of containers.

Automatic capping machines

Most of the machines that we design and manufacture at Dositec are automatic capping machines, although we also manufacture some models of machinery to place caps semi-automatically.

máquinas roscadoras

Dositec – we provide solutions to your project if you need a capping machine

Does your company need a capping machine and do you want the best option?

At Dositec we work to offer you real solutions to your project, we adapt by always adjusting to your production needs, and we will advise you thanks to our experience and our technical team of specialists.

Enter our YouTube channel Dositec and you will be able to see some of our models of threading-capping machines (mechanical rotary threading machine gel WC; rotary threading machine 4 heads mechanical; 1-head servomotor linear tapping machine; semi-automatic pump and gun tapping machine, etc.

Find the threading machine that best suits your production by contacting our sales and technical team.

With Dositec capping machines you will be able to place all types of caps that are marketed in the containers.